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Meet The Founders

Seek Discomfort was launched in May 2018 by the founders of the YouTube channel Yes Theory. They originally bonded over the idea that life is best lived outside your comfort zone.



The Seek Discomfort brand is designed for people who are committed to chasing their wildest dreams and uncovering the beauty that lies outside their comfort zone. We believe this philosophy has the power to change the world.


What Seek Discomfort Means to Our Fam

It’s the motto that literally made my ideas a reality. It was the motivation I needed to push past my doubts and realise that I could make something of my art. Since taking that leap last year I’ve been fortunate enough to have back to back commissions for people from all over the globe, producing art that I’m proud of and have had amazing feedback about. I’m forever thankful and would be psyched to get involved sharing the inspiration in visual form in the future 💕

Katie H.

It means a lot to me.
1. It reminds me of you guys and how special you are in my life. You have influenced so many people, including myself, to venture out and do the uncomfortable.
2. Getting out of your comfort zone knowing that you will probably fail, but knowing you have you best shot so you can’t be mad at yourself.
3. Failing, getting knocked down, and pulling yourself back together and moving on.

Rhett D.

The Yes Theory team has helped me immensely in overcoming my depression, anxiety and panic disorder. Everything from “live the dash” to “action is the antidote to despair” and all the other wonderful and amazing pearls of wisdom you guys have shared and the adventures that you’ve been on have brought me back to life, given me a renewed sense of hope, joy, and wanderlust, and just really inspired me to pursue, design and create the life of my dreams. I’m eternally grateful for that.


Seeking Discomfort to me means to push yourself to try what you have always dreamed of but never took the first step. I am constantly Seeking Discomfort by serving others. Stepping out of my daily routine to put myself face to face with others who are struggling is hard for me, but every time I serve I leave feeling so refreshed! Using my gifts and talents causes me a lot of discomfort because I would much rather sit behind the scenes and watch others succeed then myself, so serving others is a way I can do both!

Emma T.

Seek discomfort means doing things even though they’re not perfect. I’ll never create a product or design a poster or do anything that will be perfect at the start. I just have to go out and make it and know that it won’t be perfect. But the next thing I make will be a bit closer to perfection than the last. Perfection doesn’t happen immediately, it’s a process. And even if I never achieve perfection in my creative work, I chose to seek discomfort by putting my work out there before I felt it was “perfect.” This is seeking discomfort. And if I never chose to seek discomfort, I would never share any of my work with the world.

Aidan G.

The concept of seek discomfort is everything. The idea that you can make your life better just by putting yourself out there and getting out of your comfort zone changes everything. It changes how we interact with each other, how we understand each other and how we understand ourselves as people. I think Seek Discomfort is a very special thing to the world and I think that we need more people living this way, changing their lives, spreading positivity and changing other peoples lives and most importantly changing the world.

Ollie C.

Seek Discomfort means the world to me. It’s about stepping onto that line of fear, and making the decision to cross it. Discomfort is the thing that gives us new experiences, new memories, and a new way to look at things. There is no life without Discomfort, so embrace it. Take the opportunity, go climb that mountain, talk to that stranger, wear that new outfit and stand out. Discomfort only happens when you’re truly passionate about something and worried about the outcome- so let that passion overflow the fear.

Bella D.

It means alot to me. I must say at this point it is my life quote just so I push myself on doing what I want. I started watching your vids year ago and each time I watch them it is like I wake up more and more passion into me. When me and my friends go somewhere and want to do something out of our comfort I always say YES LETS GO! and honestly it always ends up being fun and I feel so happy. For me seek discomfort also means to seek it in my art. Many times I feel scared to take a leap and do something I am not sure about yet I always do it anyways. Even if it doesn't work it is okay Ill try again and again until I do it. 

Lucija B.

It's a Moto I try to live by, at the moment I find it difficult to do so. However, my goal is to seek discomfort throughout my day as much as possible. I want to be as vulnerable and true as I can be. My life long dream has been to become an adventure photography and storyteller, to go around the world living epic stories and adventures and connecting with others while making memories and descovering odd places in our world. Also, visiting those countries in need to volunteer and so on. I'm not currently active but I really want to be. I'm still on my journey of self descovery and determining my life purpose and what I truly want to do that will feed my soul and allow me to inspire others.

Batoul A.

Seek discomfort has been instrumental in my growth. I moved to dc with no job and no friends after living in my home town (Raleigh, NC) for 22 years. Everyday I push myself to follow my dreams because without moving to dc alone, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I am currently pushing myself to update and expand my portfolio because photography is something I am truly passionate about

Victoria P.

Seek Discomfort means change, adaptation, what we’re born to do rather than play it safe, because that gets you no where. You cannot rise if you don’t first fall, otherwise your foundations are all wrong. To me it means there’s always a challenge, a new chapter and thing to conquer. Go against all instincts and see what happens - fuck it 🤙🏼 Happy to be a part of the family you guys have created, love you guys
Kind Regards,

Aaron H.

Seeking discomfort means that you go do the opposite of what the world says for you to do. Discomfort holds back opportunities and if you let it win you’ll never experience opportunities that come maybe once in a lifetime. That’s why I came to school out in Montana, it’s nothing like San Diego so I wanted to experience a whole different environment. Seeking discomfort opens many doors but if you don’t step through the door, you’ll just be like the rest of the world.

Christian A.

Seek Discomfort has turned from a philosophy into a life style for me. As a High School senior, I've heard a lot of people tell me to wait to start making my dreams come true. As I found myself applying myself more and more to the Seek Discomfort philosophy I've found my self learning and creating more and more. Pushing myself to my limits in my interests and into finding new ones. Finding out about the world and getting out of my small town view. The Seek Discomfort philosophy means to constantly better myself and those around me, to create and to love no matter our differences cause at the end of the day we are all human and we are all beautiful.

Parker C.

It means everything! It’s become my way of life. It’s the reason I finally became a freelance writer. Seeking discomfort, for me, are the basics to life: to actually believe in myself, to know my worth, to accept uncertainty and thrive in the moments of uncomfortable stress. I seek discomfort in every little thing I do, and I want to help others see their potential: they can seek discomfort (and enjoy it!) too!

Neveen S.

I belong to a conservative family. Everything is done in a very specific and limited way. I've never felt an attachment to my family or any other circle that I have. The only sense of belonging I get is with tha Yes Fam. I went way out of my comfort zone last year and got a YES tattoo. Tattoos are still taboo in my culture. I was in a very negative state when I got it but looking at it every day gives me the strength to wake up another day and hustle to make my life better. 

Maitreya P.

After living in Seoul, South Korea for all my teenage years I came back to my country Pakistan and this was the first time ever that I felt like a foreigner but this isn't about that. After getting back and living in Islamabad, Pakistan for a while I felt very congested so I literally moved out after a couple of days to a new and strange city Karachi. All thanks to my current employer for being supportive and hiring me. I never would've expected to have this nice of a job where I make commercials and videos for brands, If I didn't move here alone. This the biggest step I've ever taken for myself. If I didn't go by this motto I wouldn't be where I'm at right now.


Seek Discomfort gave me the inspiration to start photography again, during high school I was in a creative rut, I had to do art for assignment sake. I started to watch your channel a year ago and it made me think why can’t I do art for arts sake, you guys bring joy to YouTube for joys sake, and you made a community that is inclusive and constructive. Seek Discomfort means the world to me, it means complete your wildest dreams, being a friend to all and it means that you guys created this pathway for young creatures like me.


Yes Theory has inspired me to Seek discomfort in 2019. I did the #100daysofsweat with Amar, bought mercy and spread the word to friends about inspiring others, and I got my first tattoo for my 21st bday. Seeking discomfort has allowed me to try new things and focus on my mental health. I was always uncomfortable sharing that i’ve dealt with anxiety but I really love that this has brought a new perspective to my life. I would love to help work on a project with Yes Theory when I graduate college this May 2020!!!!

Natalie S.

Seeking discomfort has a lot more to it than just going outside your comfort zone. It’s a life style to live by, it is not a one and done type situation. It means you are going to put your all everyday into something you are passionate that not everyone has the guts to strive for as a career or lifestyle. If you are comfortable in your everyday situation and want more, the only way is to seek discomfort no matter the forks in the road. It is better to try and fail than to live a life of regret, because the person you could become will cross paths with you in your settled form.

Josh J.

Seek Discomfort means to go out and live your life to the fullest. In everything you do you have to go out and do things that you would never have thought of or that your too scared to do. I was too scared to give a girl I liked a rose and then I remembered the two words seek discomfort and I was like fuck it. And I did it and I did it with confidence and then she loved it! I also never thought I would be a video and content creator but I decided to take a big step and go outside my comfort zone and I did! I now grew my YouTube channel to 1.8k subscribers and I want to expand and grow my knowledge on video editing.

Daniel C.

Seeking discomfort means stepping out of one’s comfort zone, and expanding what out comfort levels are. It is a different experience for everyone but is something that creates new relationships with the most unexpected people, and strengthens existing ones.

Louisa W.

Seeking discomfort is the catalyst for new beginnings & having no regrets

Lionel C.

To me, Seek Discomfort means to never stay stagnant and to always have a student mentality to keep learning. I believe being too comfortable in one place can get boring. Discomfort leads to constant adaptability, the strive to work harder, and overall just more fun to learn new things.

Jordan A.

Seek Discomfort’s positive message has had a big influence on my life over the past year. Only three months ago, I picked up my life after nineteen years living in Houston, Texas and moved across the country to Los Angeles. Throughout the transition, Yes Theory/Seek Discomfort has influenced me to live my life to fullest and take advantage of this amazing city. Without your influence, I wouldn’t have had the courage to go on some of the life-changing adventures I’ve gone on since moving here or made the incredible friendships I’ve made. 

Erin N.

As an artist, seeking discomfort can mean many things. Maybe literally getting out of my comfort zone like using pastels instead of pencil or innovative techniques. As a normal person, I’d say that seeking discomfort in life is a way to spice it up . Facing your fears or trying things you’ve never tried before.... there is no better feeling(after doing so especially. Besides, what if you end up liking that thing you would have never seen if you had not seeked discomfort. Seeking discomfort is an important factor in self growth.

Damasia D.

I think of Seek Discomfort as a personal investment. It means saying yes to your gut feeling; saying yes to your desires; and saying yes to yourself. It means realizing that the times when we have felt truly fulfilled could never have manifested without some form of risk. Seek Discomfort is a reminder to myself that at the end of the day, the fears and insecurities that confine me are meaningless. This message has become part of my identity. 


Seek Discomfort is something that I think about pretty much any time I need to make a decision. It has been a driving force for my motivation to say "yes" to things I normally would be too scared to do. I am scared of change and I am scared of what I don't know. Knowing this philosophy has helped me overcome some of that, and by this thinking, I have honestly said yes to things I never thought I would. 

Michael S.

I have been following YES THEORY since the very beginning. The whole and sole reason I am creative and I work with such confidence is because i step out of the box with my ideas every time. Saying yes to things and feeling uncomfortable in a position but still being excited at the same time is a feeling that i love. I did not used to be outspoken but understanding how everybody has their preference to react to situations, I decided to keep mine by being happy and being confident in any situation no matter what.

Parth M.

I've always seen a lot of value in pushing yourself to the edge of your comfort zone because it gives us a better understanding of not only each other, but life as a whole. It teaches us how to be grateful for this life we were given. If we spent all our time wasting opportunities and never saying "YES" to overcome those things that we fear, those things that take us out of our comfort zone, we wouldn't be truly living. Seeking Discomfort throughout all aspects of our lives opens our eyes and leads us on a path of greatness that is far from ordinary. 

Ben Y.

As a high schooler trying to start my own business, it can be tough sometimes. Trying to manage school and running my photography and videography business can be really hard. I just keep telling myself that it’s all worth it in the end. I seek discomfort on a daily basis, reaching out to potential clients and talking to businesses or working at events. All of these things can be extremely scary starting off and they still are for me. But Yes Theory’s message of seeking discomfort is extremely encouraging for me, I try to challenge myself by seeking discomfort and growing my business and myself as a person. Thank you Yes Theory!

Cole B.

Right now, it means starting my own Etsy shop and getting my name out there to make enough income to buy a car so I can fulfill one of my dreams of taking four months in 2020 to explore my home - WI's state parks and national parks. My name is Joy, and I believe that seeking discomfort is just embracing a painful joy.

Joy G.

Seeking discomfort is perhaps the most terrifying yet invigorating concept you could ever imagine. It teaches you to never let fear dictate your actions, and it shows you that with an open and vulnerable mind/heart that you CAN challenge all those obstacles you never thought you could take on. Seeking discomfort opens a whole entire realm of possibilities and once you open that door you will never close it again. Never.

Jenica C.

Seeking discomfort means getting out of my comfort zone! And doing things I would never thought that I’d otherwise do. There’s always that thin line between actually doing the things I think of and just thinking about them and “seeking discomfort” helps me get past that thin line and actually implement my thoughts! Seeking discomfort helps me overcome all those “what if”and “I could've,would’ve, should’ve”. Seeking discomfort is believing in myself and enjoying life without regretting about what I actually could have done! It helps me live my life to the fullest without worrying about the challenges it brings!

Jashnosh C.

Seek Discomfort means so much more than just a brand. I mean is it a brand? Sure. But what that brand means is everything. In a few short years, a younger generation will have its chance to change the world, and man do we have things to fix. From the climate to race relations, there's a lot on our plates, and there's no way in hell it's going to happen if we're not united in this. That's what seek discomfort means to me. It's an agent of connection, urging people to live, to feel, to gather together. 

Miles A.

To me, it's about people. We're a community passionate of people, heartspoken, collaboration focused and emotionally-driven. We seek discomfort to reach greater opportunities. We support each other to get to our vision to be a reality. Seeking discomfort helped me find peace from within and out. It teached me the power of love. Yes Theory is a actionable theory made to welcome challenges. 

Cindy B.

Seek Discomfort is a motivational force that keeps me passionate about creating new things and showing the world of what I am capable of.

Pedro F.

Seek discomfort for me is getting closer to becoming my best self. I’m learning to let go and discover myself and the world.
You guys let me see that anything is possible and that making connections is super easy if your open to it. And that you can achieve anything if you just believe.

Amy S.

Seek Discomfort is about putting yourself in what may seem like impossible situations. It’s about reaching places that seem so far away and putting trust in yourself that you can get there. It’s about hard work, asking for help when you need it, and looking within yourself to find what sparks joy.


Seek Discomfort has changed my mindset of the way I think and view life in the day to day. It is a lifestyle. It pushes past lines I never thought I would be able to break, and it helps gain new experiences, friends, and activities I soon fall in love with.

Erika T.

As someone who struggles with the everyday battles of anxiety, the simple phrase “Seek Discomfort” has reminded me that discomfort doesn’t have to have a negative hold on my life. I can can learn to truly thrive off of this feeling rather than running into hiding at the sight of it.

Hannah R.

Seek discomfort is why I moved to LA. i had a cozy job and i was living for free. I wanted to pursue graphic design full time, so here I am. Not doing graphic design full time but working EVERYDAY to do it! Seek discomfort is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle that you have to choose everyday and try your best to live a life worth living.

Brennan S.

Freedom. From yourself. From your insecurities and your doubts and fears. Ridding yourself of what’s holding you back to push yourself to new boundaries and grow your personality as well as gain a better perspective on life.


It helps me to challenge my extreme nervously anxiety. And sometimes I can even overcome when that "seek discomfort" logo randomly pops up in my mind in anxious situations and then I'm like, this must be a sign "c'mon, just do it" .. this whole seek discomfort thing just makes me feel supported in what I do and in who I am. That's why seek discomfort is something special.

Sarah T.

Seek Discomfort is lifestyle and a way for me to test my boundaries and make life more interesting. Sticking to what you are comfortable with might be safe sometimes but to seek discomfort is to reach into the unknown and strive for more.

Myles D.

Seeking discomfort means constantly challenging yourself to grow and learn. It’s choosing your challenges on top of the ones life had planned for you. And trust me, the outcome is always positive!

Inas B.

It means to open yourself to humanity, to life as a whole. To know that we all have to seek that unique discomfort in ourselves to truly be free of fear and the limitations we sometimes give ourselves due to society. It’s how you find your purpose and true meaning, fear is what holds us but going against the current is what makes us stronger as well.

Sed A.

Doing things I'm not comfortable with, i want to be able to take away my fear of talking in front of large crowds. Seek discomfort has helped me find ways to overcome that fear I still have a long way to go though and I'm not giving up!

Matthew J.

Discovering who I am and learning to love myself in spite of what people tell me. Confidence, and the enjoyment of the beautiful world around us, diving headfirst into discomfort is the key to knowing who you are.

Sean A.

To me, Seek Discomfort means to stop giving a shit. It’s to stop worrying what your friends and family will think, how your reputation will be at risk, why your boss might be disappointed in you. You’re meant to live a fulfilling life, one that’s worth making a film about.


Breaking the ‘norms’ set by your own mind! Challenging myself on a daily basis to push a little bit harder than I did the day before and destroying each and every goal I set for myself!

John M.

Seek Discomfort means that I need to go out of my comfort zone and put myself out there despite my fear of what other people with think and if they will judge me. I've always been known as the shy girl but I want to be more than that.

Sandra H.

To me Seek Discomfort means doing something you never thought you would ever do. It means being so uncomfortable in a situation that you just want to leave and hide in your room. It means having the courage and strength to something others won't. It means doing things to prove yourself you are something great and you are capable of doing great things.

Isabel D.

We have one chance at this life. That means we need to open ourselves to as many experiences as we can. The most impactful moments of our lives are the ones where we are outside of our comfort zones. And by seeking these moments we live a more purposeful life and better ourselves for us, and the people who are close to us.


It means chasing your dreams and doing the things that others would be too scared or too unwilling to be vulnerable to do. I want to help so so many people and seek discomfort aligns so much with the person I am at heart. I am so hungry and haven’t had the opportunity to show it yet. Conversely I have had plenty of other opportunities in my life and I believe so heavily in the power of gratitude and putting out that positive attitude. Ultimately seek discomfort means pursuing the unknown.

Lee B.