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Love Over Fear

At every turn, double down on love. Love for others, for yourself, even for your fear. It's the glue that keeps us together when everything else is falling apart.


Do It Scared

When Seeking Discomfort, fear is the loud copilot trying to steer you off course. Courage isn't kicking fear out of the car; it's just choosing not to listen. It's acknowledging fear's presence and sending it anyways. (Within reason, of course.)


Mood Follows Action

We all tend to think we must feel good to do good. But, often, that equation happens in reverse. To feel good, confident, happy, you gotta act your way in.


Walk Freely

There is no greater freedom than living exactly as you are. And somehow, oh somehow, at the deepest core of your being you already know exactly who you are. You're just uncovering the layers.


You're One Positive Thought Away From A Miracle

The mind is incredibly powerful, more powerful than you probably give it credit for. Every crazy dream ever made manifest started with one simple thought. Why can't it be yours?


Live The Dash

Your life is bookended by two dates--the day you entered the world and the day you'll depart. In between those two dates is a dash. And your only job on this earth is to make the very most of that dash.