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Bolt Printed Rug


Product Description -

The Bolt Printed Rug is an indoor decoration meant to be a reminder that choosing discomfort doesn't always need to happen outside your home, it can happen inside it.

Product Details +

  • Rug will ship separately from the rest of your ordered items.
  • This rug is meant for indoor, decorative use only. Do not get it wet or keep it outside.
  • 3 ft. tall (19.5" x 35.5").
  • Printed tight-loop topside.
  • Skid resistant back-side.
  • Spot clean only, do not machine wash.
  • 20% Cotton / 80% Polyester.

Bolt Printed Rug


Bolt Printed Rug - Seek Discomfort
Bolt Printed Rug - Seek Discomfort

Size Chart for Bolt Printed Rug

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Our goal is to be a daily reminder that the best things in life are outside your comfort zone.

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