When we started Seek Discomfort, the lightning bolt quickly became a representation of the movement.

It’s the spark that ignites when you dare to step outside your comfort zone.

A sudden jolt of excitement within you when you move through fear. A flash of clarity when you realize that life is limitless. But this doesn’t happen all at once. Seeking Discomfort happens in a 3 phase process called The Phases of Discomfort.

Phase 1
Create the Spark

The first step is always the hardest.

We don’t know where it will lead. We don’t know what comes next. And the unknown is too much for most.

But when we move forward, a shift occurs; a spark is ignited. Step by step, a fire begins to take shape and new possibilities emerge.

Creating that spark doesn’t have to be perfect. Those first steps don’t have to be comfortable. You just have to move forward.

Motion provides the answers we need down the line. This first phase of Seeking Discomfort is the most important one. It sets the stage for the two phases to come.


Phase 2
Feel the Spark

This is the ultimate reward of Seeking Discomfort.

You can feel the deep connections and magical moments that suddenly emerge all around you. Fireworks burst from within you and you feel alive like never before.

You are no longer on autopilot. You’ve chosen the road less traveled. And in doing so, you’ve made space for serendipity to take place in your life. The power of the word YES is now etched within you. You’re left with only one question… “What else can I do? How far can I take this feeling?” This sets the stage for the final phase.


Phase 3
Share the Spark

You now see the world differently and you want more people to see it the way you do.

You call in your tribe. From your attitude to what you wear, you become a magnet for like-minded people and a catalyst that ignites sparks in others.

A community begins to build around you as you share your experiences and knowledge with others. It’s a ripple effect that goes beyond any individual. A worldwide family is born with the goal of spreading love over fear.