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Hey Seeker! My name is SPARK. I'm simple, yet incredibly powerful.

I contain 200 questions that help you SPARK meaningful connections, and a golden ticket to 200 Seek Discomfort adventures.

Here's how to play...

SPARK by Seek Discomfort - Seek Discomfort

Step 1

Connection Cards

It all started when we asked our community "What's the single question that helps you connect deepest with those around you?"

Well... we got over 15,000 responses. From there, our team hand selected the top 200 questions.

Start the game with the Connection Cards. Answer as many questions as you want. The goal is to be honest, vulnerable, and listen deeply to those around you.


Step 2

The Adventure Card

This is where things get exciting. Consider this your golden ticket that unlocks a world of Seek Discomfort adventures.

Scan my QR code and select one of 200 possible adventures from our random generator.

Get up and go right away or schedule the adventure with your group or partner within the next week.

The best part about it? We will constantly be improving the experience and adding new adventures to the QR code. This is just the beginning!

Don’t forget to tag @seek.discomfort and @sparkbyseekdiscomfort so we can share your SPARKS with our community.

That’s it! Time to get started.

Ignite a connection then pick your adventure.