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  • Discover the fastest method to uncover your authentic purpose, so you can live a life with no regrets!
  • Streamline your big dream into bite-sized steps and know exactly what actions to take daily
  • Connect with like-minded dream chasers who support & hold you accountable to turn your dream into reality!
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About Yes Theory & Seek Discomfort

Yes Theory were 4 broke college kids who bonded over the idea that the best things in life are on the other side of discomfort. While most of their friends were conforming to regular 9-5s, they decided to chase a life that set their hearts on fire

Flash forward to 8 years later and they’ve created a Youtube channel followed by 8 million people & launched a brand (Seek Discomfort, aka us…hello 👋 ) that fuels the dreams of hundreds of thousands around the world. 

From paying a London cab driver $10k to take them across the world to Bungee jumping out of a helicopter with Will Smith, it’s safe to say Yes Theory has proven that “no dream is too crazy to pursue”. 

Now, to help you unlock your big dream, we packaged the systems that helped Yes Theory achieve the “impossible”, so you can too!

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