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How to Unlock Your Authentic Dreams as a Free Spirited Nomad

Discover the system used by Yes Theory (8M+ subscribers on Youtube) to turn passions into profit, enabling you to sustain a lifestyle of freedom & travel!

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In this free system you will:

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  • Turn your passion into a thriving income stream that can sustain a lifestyle of freedom and travel
  • Maximize productivity on the go with our user-friendly action planner to stay laser-focused on what matters
  • Connect with a community of dream chasers who have also taken a path less traveled
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About Yes Theory & Seek Discomfort

Yes Theory is a group of adventure-seeking friends who chose to jump into the unknown and pursue a life of travel, freedom, and impact

After 8 years of seeking discomfort, they’ve been able to create a YouTube channel followed by 8 million subscribers and launch a brand (Seek Discomfort aka us…hello 👋 ) that fuels the dreams of thousands of adventure seekers around the world.

In the process of building all of this they’ve gone on some of the wildest adventures you can imagine:

From climbing a mountain in their underwear with Whim Hoff to knocking on random doors to fly a stranger around the world…or even bungee jumping out of a helicopter with Will Smith over the Grand Canyon…

Many called them delusional, but they chose to follow their most authentic desires and found a way to carve their own path.

Now, to help you unlock your dream, we packaged the systems that helped Yes Theory achieve the “impossible”, so you can too!

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