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About Us

Seek Discomfort About Us

Seek Discomfort was launched in May 2018 by the founders of the YouTube channel Yes Theory


For years, the Yes Theory guys used the phrase Seek Discomfort to push themselves. It was a constant reminder that the only way to grow was to do things that made them uncomfortable.


After several years of using the Seek Discomfort motto the guys felt its impact in every facet of their lives. They'd evolved, become happier, and more open minded.


So, they set out to share that experience with the world and allow others to feel the same way. That’s when Seek Discomfort was born.


In true Yes Theory fashion, the guys launched the brand by throwing a fashion show in their backyard, with one catch... they only had 7 days to prepare! Check out the video below.

More than a clothing company, our goal is to be a companion… a daily reminder of what matter most in life. A tool to approach life in a way that would make you the best and most fulfilled version of yourself.


We want to serve as a badge of honor that connects you with like minded Seekers around the world.


Ultimately, we hope that our clothing can inspire the world to live the Seek Discomfort philosophy.