Moonshot Collection Drops 3/28 at 10am PST

The Moonshot Collection Look Book


A few months back, one of Yes Theory's video editors, Bryce Perry, came to us with an idea for a new collection. He called it "Moonshot".

A few months later our team took a trip to Alabama Hills, California to photoshoot the new samples, and we wanted to create this look book to share some of our new styles with you before the drop goes live.

What is Moonshot?

"Dreaming isn’t for the faint of heart. When you have the audacity to chase your wildest dreams... you get knocked down. And you fall flat on your face. Over and over again.

But if you have the courage to keep getting up. There is nothing as sweet as the victory. After you’ve poured your blood, sweat, and tears into something. And you finally arrive. You realize that you can do anything without limitation.

This one’s for the dreamers."

- Matt Dajer / Cofounder at Yes Theory

What does Moonshot mean to Bryce?

A dream that changes everything. It's bigger than you could ever imagine, but something you just can't ignore. It's a feeling deep in your gut.

Find photos below from our Moonshot Collection photoshoot with our team at Alabama Hills, CA.

Photos by Bryce Perry.

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