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Step Inside The Yes House

The Yes House serves as a gatekeeper to our philosophy – a place of inclusion, growth, and acceptance. A place where you feel empowered to be the truest version of yourself and supported in the pursuit of your wildest dreams. And most importantly, a home for those who feel like they don’t have a place to go.

The vision is that the Yes House, Venice Beach is the first of many. An interconnected community of physical spaces that all operate under the same ideology: the best things in life exist outside your comfort zone. A global family of Seekers.

The Entry

Welcome to the entry. It’s an extra unique and very intentional space. For starters, it’s timeless: no matter what time of day you enter, the experience remains the same. When the door closes behind you, you become fully immersed in a new environment. You find yourself floating in space between the sun and the earth on either wall with no view into any other room. It acts as a reset moment from everything that was happening outside - the thoughts, the noises, the chaos of the modern-day world.

As you look directly ahead, you read “TAKE A DEEP BREATH” on the stairs (deep breath in… deep breath out). This acts as a ritual for our team and guests. A quick moment to pause, reset, breath, and enter the space with a clear and open mind. Now you’re ready. Come on in.

The Ideas Lab

From the entry, take a quick left and enter the ideas lab (formerly a basement parking spot). The room has a whiteboard, meeting table, and one big yellow couch.

The Yes House, Venice Beach was designed with an intentional flow. So, in this room on the entry level, we have all of our meetings and brainstorming sessions. From there you move to the main floor for filming and the top floor for editing. We always say that creativity needs a home, and this room is where it all begins.

The Main Floor

Walk up the stairs, take a deep breath and draw back the curtain... Welcome! You’ve entered the main floor. Here is where we start filming most of the Yes Theory videos. This is also our space to entertain guests and where we host our notorious Yes House dance parties.

On the main floor you'll find the Yes Theory Sun, a magnification of the Yes Theory logo. A dynamic piece of art that spans over six feet and shines in the middle of the house with color rays that beam in every direction. As you walk around this piece of art, it changes color. From every angle in the house the logo takes on a new and unique color. We also have a beautiful fish tank on the main floor that serves as the ultimate relaxation corner.

The Top Floor

From the main floor, take a walk up the stairs and stroll by a photo gallery of some of our favorite and most historical moments. The top floor is divided into a few sections: a meeting area with a table and whiteboard; a soundproof room for recording voiceovers; a kitchen; a small workout area with a pull-up bar; and most importantly the editing bay.

The editing bay is home to the incredibly talented Yes Theory creative team - Bryce Perry, Cam Peddle - led by Thomas Dajer. They work full time on post-production efforts for Yes Theory Seek Discomfort and every video finishes it's journey here before it's uploaded for the world to see.

The Rooftop

From the main floor, head up another set of stairs and open the door to our rooftop deck. This is a great place to come for a breath of fresh, a nice place to eat lunch, or a quick reset from the busy day. Every work day, the whole team goes up and watches the sunset together from the rooftop. In the evenings, you can find us entertaining friends and guests around the fire place, telling stories, and sharing some laughs.

Photographs by Zak Bush