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Photograph by Samir Chaudry

In June of 2020, we felt change in the air. The streets were filled with chants for a better tomorrow. Across all 50 states, and even across the globe, protestors were taking the streets to make sure their voices were heard for the Black Lives Matter movement. We knew we couldn't sit back quietly. We had to band together with our community to help be a part of this change.

Seek Equality. Seek Justice. Seek Change.

We decided to get together as a team and figure out what we could do to make an impact. So we dropped a uniquely-designed Hoodie, T-Shirt, & Mask to help spread the word of equality for all. On top of that, we donated 100% of the profit to the Black Lives Matter movement. 

In 3 short days, we raised $40,000

Photograph by Rhema McClure