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Your Opinion Of Us

weird thing happens when your work starts to gain traction.

Your actions become overanalyzed. 

When you start, it’s just a few close friends.

But gradually, you encounter the opinions of complete strangers.

People with unique lives and beliefs from every end of the spectrum.

People who have never met you.

But who have a strong opinion of you, of your work, of your lifestyle.

And the bigger you get, the louder the voices.


They have their expectations.

And if you don’t conform to them, they get mad.

They comment, they gossip, they threaten to stop following.


As Yes Theory has grown, we’ve understood grievances that people have thrown at us.


Some we’ve solved, others we never will.


But gradually we were forced to accept that we weren’t (nor ever would be) perfect.

That we couldn’t make everyone happy.


We came to the same crossroads that every artist, entrepreneur, creative, or PERSON arrives at…


1.     Try to please everyone (impossible)




2.     Do things you’re proud of and stay true to your values.

We’ve chosen the latter.

And we insist that you do the same in your own life.

Because if you let the opinions of others determine your decisions, you’re ruined.

You’ll be paralyzed by fear of offending anyone.

You'll be drowned out by the noise.

Remember that you know better than anyone where you should go.

You know better than anyone what feels right.

You have a responsibility to protect your truth.

Move forward with who you are.

Let them do the talking.




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  • ”You have a responsibility to protect your truth.” Thank you for reminding me this

    Vicky on

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