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You Don't Want To Miss This

I’ve been writing this newsletter for three years.

When I meet those of you who read it, I get the same feedback every time…

You enjoy hearing about what happens behind the scenes, what we’re really thinking, what we’re truly going through.

And for a while this was the only outlet I had for that.

The only place where I could reflect on what’s happening and what we’re learning.

But today, the podcast launches.

And in terms of reflection, there’s nothing better.

Instead of making our podcast guest-centric, we focus on the topic first and foremost.

From discomfort to stillness to burnout to ego, we cover each of these topics and more in detail.

Each podcast is a story.

Each one has several prominent guests.

And each one is around 20 minutes long.

We wanted to keep it concise and pack as much useful and interesting insight into them as possible.

If you like this newsletter and you like our videos, you’ll love the podcast.

Go to this link to listen.

And let me know what you think :)



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  • I heard the podcast, besides absolutely loving it, it inspired me. I had no doubt it was going to be amazing. I did get up this morning and told myself “Today is a gift and I will not waste it”. Thank you for always being a source of positive energy and endless inspiration.
    Also, reading your words is always great Matt.

    Daniela on

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