Vulnerability Gone Wrong

Vulnerability is hot right now.
Everyone’s acting vulnerable.

Or at least trying to.
Posting long, inspiring captions on Instagram about their insecurities.
Revealing what hurts to their friends, over and over.
Sharing videos that are personal and real.
I’m all for it.

True vulnerability is a great thing.
But like anything great, vulnerability can be overdone.
It can quickly turn into a self pity trap.
It can make you think that by talking about the pain, you’re doing the work to address it.
But the truth is, talking is only the first step… of many.

It’s an important and necessary step, sure. 

But there’s a point when you have to realize… 
Sitting around and sharing your fears is easier than facing them.
There has to be a tipping point.
A point where you stand up and walk outside.
Where you challenge the constructs you’ve built in your head.
The insecurities, the fears, the judgment.
Through action.
Because taking action is the essence of true vulnerability.

It’s wildly uncomfortable and uncertain.

There’s real risk in it.
The good news is, action begets change.
Action, as Joan Baez said, is the antidote to despair.

It is the path to really grappling with and overcoming fear and insecurity.
Not talking.


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