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Thursday Thoughts: Our Biggest Mistake

A year into starting Yes Theory, we launched a production company called 506 Productions.

The guys and I partnered with a few friends with the goal of making films and shows outside of Yes Theory.

We slapped together a logo, signed the operating agreement, reached out to potential clients and bought some business cards.

Six months in, we noticed something unnerving.

506 Productions was making very little headway and worse, Yes Theory was stalling.

We had a hundred thousand subscribers but the engagement on our videos was tanking.

We couldn’t keep up with the filming schedule.

We were drained.

So, we sat down and decided that one of the companies had to go.

We dissolved the production company and committed to focusing on Yes Theory full time.

No other businesses. No other projects. No other distractions.

Over the next year we filmed three videos a week, collaborated consistently with other creators, and brainstormed video ideas every day.

Soon after, everything changed.

2018 became our breakout year.

Nowadays when creators and entrepreneurs ask how to grow their channels, I always respond with the question, ”What else are you working on?”

If there’s more than one project taking up your mind, you’re unlikely to succeed.

You have to choose one.

Eventually, things do stabilize. You’re able to build on top of the engine you’ve created.

But that first part can’t be overlooked.

That focus is essential.

It’s the reason we’re celebrating 7 million subscribers this week.

It’s the reason you’re reading this.

It’s the reason I still have a job that I love.



Song of the Week: Mi Swing Es Tropical

Pic: Celebrating 7m in Paris (thank you!)

The team in Paris celebrating 7 million subscribers.

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