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Thursday Thoughts: Be A Messenger

“There are no new messages, only new messengers.”

These were the words of my writing coach, Azul.

I met him a month ago as I started to move into the second revision of the book.

I asked him how I could tell our story in a new way.

Discomfort breeds growth.

A stranger is a friend you haven’t met yet.

Love over fear.

These ideas aren’t new, I said.

So many writers, artists and gurus have explained them better than I ever will.

So why try?

Because, Azul explained, we’re here to remember.

And as humans, we forget.

That’s why we need new messengers and stories to remind us of what’s true.

We all experience the same sunlight but each have our own magnifying glass.

Creativity is putting your magnifying glass to the sun and showing us what you see.

It’s telling an old lesson through a new story.

Your story.

The only one that belongs to you.

So do us a favor and show us what you see.



Song of the week: Fever To The Form by Nick Mulvey

Photo: I had an emergency appendectomy last week while visiting LA. This is my nervous selfie right before surgery. I’m currently recovering and so grateful for all the well wishes I received from so many of you. See you in two weeks <3

Matt in the hospital.

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