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Screw Your Bucket List

Life's best memories can't be planned

I’m a planner.

I get anxious if I don’t know the outcome.

If there’s a problem and no solution, I scramble to find one.

This quality has helped me achieve a lot of my goals.

But as much as I love knocking items off my bucket list, my favorite moments are never planned.

The missed flight, the hundredth rejection, the side door that isn’t supposed to be open.

Each one throwing me into an unforgettable adventure.

These are secret treasures.

The more of them you allow, the more your life expands.

All you have to do is let control take a back seat to curiosity.

Instead of resisting the wrong turn, welcome it.

Invite it in.

It’s serendipity.

The universe.

Infinitely more intelligent than any bucket list.

Begging for you to let it reveal its magic.



Question for ya: Have you had an experience like this? I want to hear the story. Share below!

Song I’m Jamming To: Olalla by Blanco White (perfect for a sunset drive)

Photo: A few days ago I went to explore a waterfall deep in the jungle. It started to rain. My car got stuck. And heeding my own advice, I let it be.

Soon enough another car tried the same thing and got stuck too.

In the process I met two awesome locals, Leandro and Melo, and we became fast friends :)

Matt stuck in mud in Puerto Rico.

And finally, if you’ve made it this far, you’re a real one.

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