Matt's Words of Wisdom

Say No

We often get introduced as the guys who yes to everything.

When we tell strangers what we do they often say, oh it’s like the movie Yes Man.

We then say no, the Yes Theory isn’t about saying yes to everything.

It’s about saying yes to the things that give you life.

The truth is, we say no a lot.It's all a question of energy. 

I use a very simple decision-making process:

Does this experience or person give me energy?

If yes, double down.

If no, can I stop it?

If yes, stop it.

If no, set boundaries on it. 

If someone consistently brings my energy down, I stop seeing them.

If I have to continue seeing them, I set boundaries on how much time I spend with them.

If a task consistently drains me, I delegate it or stop doing it altogether.

It’s the reason I stopped hosting.

Filming exhausted me.

Writing did the opposite.

I feel more awake after a two-hour writing session than I do before it.

As long as that continues, I’ll continue writing.

If you’re consistently drained, analyze where your energy dips.

Erase as much energy suckage from your life as possible.

You have a choice.

Your time is limited.

Say yes to the people and things that give you life.



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