Matt's Words of Wisdom

My Disease

I was struck with this disease a few years ago.

I didn’t realize I had it until one Sunday morning I woke up groggier than usual.

I walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was tired. Pale. Wrecked.

Oh no, I thought to myself, as I looked at my baggy eyes. It had happened.

I’d contracted Overseriousness.

Overseriousness has overtaken the globe.

We’ve become so afraid of saying the wrong thing, of taking a joke too far, of tripping and it being recorded.

We spend hours in meetings where no one cracks a smile.

We worry that being silly is a waste of time. That we’re too busy working. We’ve got too much on our plate.

No giggles. No jokes. No mistakes.

Overseriousness has made us into robots...production machines who must maintain a perfect appearance, at risk of being ostracized.

Yet silliness is what makes us human. We’re a naturally goofy species.

Laughing is a major contributor to our health. It relaxes muscles, boosts immune function, and increases blood flow. For you athletic peeps, it even burns calories.

It’s okay to work hard and be respected but we have to balance that with play.

We have to let our guards down and allow ourselves to laugh at how ridiculous life is.

To take it too seriously means we’ve missed the whole point. 

Life is a playground, not a prison.

So if you’ve contracted overseriousness, find the people that welcome your weirdness.

Make time for play.

Invest in belly laughs.

Allow yourself to look foolish.

And watch as the reflection in the mirror beams with life.



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