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Kobe Bryant

He was invincible.

When we’re young we all feel invincible. 

We’re unafraid to try.

To take risks.

To be vulnerable.

But as we grow up these things keep happening.

We are constantly reminded of our own fragility.

News headlines of sudden deaths make us paranoid.

Experiences in our own lives suck away our light.

We become more afraid with every passing year.

We stop putting ourselves out there. 

We prefer to stay safe.

We remove all beauty from life…

The uncertainty, the risk, the discomfort.

But I urge you to do the opposite.

I urge you to say yes. 

To say I love you too early.

To quit the safety of a routine for the possibility of a dream.

Because that’s how we beat death.

That's how we honor the dead.

By facing fear directly in the face and saying, ‘Fuck it.’



R.I.P To The King

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