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Be Patient

We want the solution.

We want it now.

We want to change.
To be better.
To be fitter.
To be happier.
And when it doesn’t happen as fast as we expect, we get all sorts of fucked up.
We think we’re doing something wrong.
We get discouraged. 

We become certain we are flawed and incapable.
But in these moments, we forget that growth is incremental.
It won’t come overnight.
It won’t come when you expect it.
It’ll be very subtle.
Nearly unnoticeable until you wake up one day.
Years from now.
And a memory appears in your mind.
Or you come across a page from your old diary.
Or even a video.
And you think to yourself, holy shit.
Look at how far I’ve come.
Everything that currently feels easy was once insanely difficult.

From walking to reading.
From running a business to traveling alone.
You’ll surprise yourself with who you became.

With what you can do now.

With how good you feel.
So, have patience with yourself..

Never hold yourself in contempt for how “slow” you’re moving.
It’ll keep you from throwing in the towel.

From saying you’re not good enough.

If you’re patient, you’ll understand that exponential growth doesn’t just spontaneously occur.

It’s a step by step process.

A year over year progression.

Some move faster than others and that’s fine.

The key is to continue moving forward.

To keep going.

To keep learning and iterating.
Because you’ll get there.

Wherever “there” is.

I promise.
Just be patient.

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