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Timbuk2 x Seek Discomfort

A Seek Discomfort Backpack

Ammar wearing the Timbuk2 x Seek Discomfort Backpack.

We collaborated with Timbuk2 and dropped a limited-edition Seek Discomfort backpack back in Holiday 2019. The goal of this backpack was to be a tool to help our community get out & seek more discomfort in the real world. From hiking, to school, to travel, this backpack could become a tool for your everyday discomfort.

Can I still get the backpack?

Unfortunately, the backpack is officially sold out. However, we're now working on creating an entirely new collection, from backpacks to tents, for all of your outdoor adventures.

Who is Timbuk2?

Timbuk2 is a brand that was founded in 1989 by Rob Honeycutt, a freethinking bike messenger, who fell in love with his messenger bag. The goal wasn't necessarily about the bag, but what the bag could provide, an ability to move around and adventure, while always having your belongings by your side. This was a clear tie to Seek Discomfort's mission when developing a bag design, to get Seekers experiencing discomfort out in the real world, along with their belongings.

Find photos below from our collaboration with Timbuk2.

Seeker wearing the Seek Discomfort backpack.
Thomas wearing the Seek Discomfort backpack.Thomas wearing the Seek Discomfort backpack.

Photos by Seek Discomfort.

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