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Writings From Michael x Seek Discomfort

Secret Drop

This limited edition collection features a poem that was written by Matt Dajer that was then created into a mural by our good friend, and local Venice artist, Writings from Michael. The poem describes the essence of what it means to be a Seeker!

What is a secret drop?

A secret drop is a totally new concept we tested out. We only released this secret collection link to our email list subscribers, SMS subscribers, and Yes Theory Plus subscribers as a way of saying thanks for supporting our team.

The drop was only live for 48 hours. To be notified in the future for similar secret drops, make sure to sign up for our email list here, text SEEKER to 68910 to join our texting community, or subscribe to Yes Theory plus here.

Yes Theory Plus

Check out this video that Yes Theory Plus released, showcasing the mural as well as an awesome adventure.

Find photos below from when Michael painted the mural on our warehouse wall in California.

Photos by Bryan Spunt.

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