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MVMT x Seek Discomfort

The first-ever Seek Discomfort watch

We collaborated with MVMT and dropped a limited-edition Seek Discomfort watch, with four mantras represented: Seek Discomfort, Dream, Manifest, and Connect. The goal of this watch was a reminder that great things take time.

Can I still get the watch?

Unfortunately, we couldn't believe it, but the watch sold out in a whopping 28 minutes thanks to the support of our community. However, we are exploring launching another watch in the future.

In addition to this piece, we also dropped a few limited edition clothing pieces.

Who is MVMT Watches?

MVMT Watches is a brand that focuses on high quality fashion without breaking the bank. They're inspired by the go-getters, the innovators, the dreamers; and their designs embody that. Their mission very closely aligned with ours, so collaborating with them to create this limited edition piece was a no-brainer.

Find photos below from our collaboration with MVMT.

Photos by MVMT.

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