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Life Full of Color

Seek Discomfort x Amanda McCreight

Meet Amanda McCreight.

Creative Director, Entrepreneur, Poet, College Dropout.

Amanda dropped out of a competitive Physician Assistant program at Jefferson University to take a chance on herself. When it came time to show up for the first day of grad school, she realized that her passion for storytelling, video editing, art and entrepreneurship was greater than her desire to take the more traditional route.

She read the book, “Living with a Seal” by entrepreneur, Jesse Itzler and became fascinated with Jesse’s ideology of getting your foot in the door first and figuring out the rest later. So she decided to take his own advice and flip it on him. She sent Jesse a video and her life resume posing the question of moving to Atlanta, GA to work with him in whatever he needs.

3 months later her bags were packed and she moved in with Jesse and his family. Amanda has spent the past 2 years crafting her talents in storytelling, content creation and social media. She worked her way from Positive Vibes Intern to Creative Director.

It is Amanda’s goal to create art that touches the soul of the spectator and spreads encouragement for positive change.

She is an alchemist who leverages emotion and symbolism to inspire people to live a life full of color and to help others uncover their unique passions and talents they bring to the world.

What is a Life Full of Color?

Amanda’s vision for a Life Full of Color is fully expressed in the poem she wrote for the Life Full of Color x Seek Discomfort commercial.

Living a Life Full of Color is Amanda’s personal mantra.

It means putting yourself out there and experiencing all that life has to offer.

It is to exist to feel the depth of experiences and acknowledge that darker shade days do not inhibit you from your full potential.

Those emotions are necessary to becoming a dynamic human.

Those colors are necessary to complete the full rainbow.

From euphoric yellow & bright pink to dark blue & bruised purple -- we were born with the ability to feel these sensations.

Reveling in those emotions for what they are and learning from them is a true life full of color.

How did Amanda get involved with Yes Theory?

After meeting Ammar in February 2019, Amanda felt inspired to seek discomfort by sharing more of her art with the world. She dedicated her free time to exploring what being an artist means to her.

When Covid-19 hit in March, like everyone, Amanda had more time on her hands. She decided to commit her quarantine to producing an entire Seek Discomfort collaboration campaign to pitch to Yes Theory. She knew that if she did all the work to produce the campaign, all they would have to do is say, YES. She did everything from designing the clothes, shooting a commercial, printing up lookbooks and more. She shipped 2 boxes to LA and told the team not to open them until she could present it to them via zoom.

The final step of the unboxing experience on pitch day was to turn over a photo that was at the bottom of the box. After 25 minutes of presenting her pitch, the statement on the back of the photo said, “If you’ll have me, it would be an honor to be the next Seek Discomfort artist.”

The answer was unanimous. Yes.

What does Seek Discomfort mean to Amanda?

Seek Discomfort means to be dedicated to personal growth and open to new experiences! Any time I feel hesitation towards something that I want to do but feel anxious about, I know that that’s the exact indicator that I MUST do it! Seeking Discomfort is an opportunity for growth and a chance to be proud of yourself. Once you do hard things, you don’t go back!

Find photos below from our Life Full of Color photoshoot with Amanda in Venice Beach, CA.

Photos by Cory Martin.

Follow @amandamccreight on Instagram for a behind the scenes look at the creation of this capsule!

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